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Thu Jul 18, 2024

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Blue Moon Cafe (Sedona)
Nov 29, 2004

Food Quality 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Service 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Menu Selection 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars
Atmosphere 2.0 Stars 2.0 Stars
Price 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars

Out of 5 possible stars.

Photo Not Available

by Nick Coons

We woke up early Sunday morning (for future reference, 9:00am is considered early) for breakfast and took a nice stroll over to the Blue Moon Cafe. I remember several years back this used to be Aggie's Pizza, but I hear that its replacement is doing well.

In this small location that probably only has comfortable seating for about 15, the staff is very attentive. The menu had a decent selection and my breakfast arrived just the way I wanted it. This is a good place for being able to have a good, quick meal. But with its linoleum floors and hard chairs, I wouldn't exactly call it the most relaxing environment.

I will most likely be going back soon, since the food is made to order and it's fast and convenient.

The Blue Moon Cafe is located at 6101 Highway 179 in Sedona.

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