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Thu Jul 18, 2024

Current weather in Phoenix

Temperature °F
Dew Point °F
Humidity %

Normal climate conditions for Phoenix:
Normal High Normal Low Average Precipitation
January 65°F 43°F 54°F 0.83 in.
February 69°F 47°F 58°F 0.77 in.
March 74°F 51°F 63°F 1.07 in.
April 83°F 58°F 70°F 0.25 in.
May 92°F 66°F 79°F 0.16 in.
June 102°F 75°F 89°F 0.09 in.
July 104°F 81°F 93°F 0.99 in.
August 102°F 80°F 91°F 0.94 in.
September 97°F 75°F 86°F 0.75 in.
October 86°F 63°F 75°F 0.79 in.
November 73°F 50°F 62°F 0.73 in.
December 65°F 44°F 54°F 0.92 in.
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