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Thu Jul 18, 2024


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Tell Me About the Walls

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Sun, Feb 8, 2004, 11:23pm

We've been looking through alot of real estate mags and I've noticed that many homes in AZ have walls instead of fences. Is there any specific reason as to why? TIA
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Tue, Feb 10, 2004, 11:31am

Yes, there is a reason. Most houses that were initially built had wooden fences around the yards. The problem is that the wood does not last here, it rots within a few years and starts to fall apart. It took builders much longer to realize this than it should have (only over the past decade have they really been building houses with block walls).

Just a few months ago, we finally got around to replacing our wooden fence with a block wall. As you drive around Phoenix, you'll often see construction workers at houses replacing wooden fences with block walls.

I remember living with my parents (in Tempe) when I was younger, and portions of the fence would sometimes be blown apart by the Monsoon

A season in Arizona of high winds and moisture, normally during July, August, and September. The Arizona Monsoon begins officially after the third consecutive day of the dew point reaching 55 degrees or higher, indicating higher humidity. During the monsoon, dust storms are typical, and rainfall is increased, causing flash floods.


So block walls are preferred here by many because wooden fences don't last.


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