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Tue Apr 23, 2024


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Question about dogs and valley fever

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Thu, Feb 22, 2007, 8:36pm


I am strongly considering moving to Tucson this fall. I will be bringing my bulldog with me. I know he won't like the heat, but I don't worry about that because he'll spend as little time outside in it as he possibly can.

However, from what I have read about valley fever, I am nervous. I've read up some on it, but can't get a good idea of what the chances are that he'll get sick from it. Also, I would probably move to an apartment complex with at least some grassy areas- does keeping him off dirt as much as possible help?

I just want to know if I am worrying about this too much, or is it a situation where if he gets sick, I should be kicking myself because I should have known it was going to happen?

Any advice/information would be appreciated. Thanks...


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