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Sun Jun 16, 2024


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Thinking of Leaving NJ for AZ

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Mon, Dec 19, 2005, 9:28am

Been hearing alot about Az in the past few years. Quite a few people from NJ/NY have invaded. I've lived all over (NY,NJ, Fla, and England) . I would love to relocate, still trying to find a place to call home. Loved England, but i after i moved back, i went back to the only other place i could tolerate (since Fla is horrid) but i do have a few concerns, firstly the heat, secondly i have a pug dog, how do people with dogs cope with the heat. Thirdly would be the job market. Last thing i want to do is move somewhere where the pay scale/ cost of living is not comprable, i do not work want to work 2 jobs just to survive (like fla) also how is the dating scene for the 30's crowd. any info would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks so much!
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Mon, Dec 19, 2005, 10:56am

thanks for the info i'll have to check out the articles. Well when it snows, she loves it actually, goes out in it and plays. I just get concerned since she is a Pug, and has that pushed in nose, and unfortunately is not a breed known to be good with heat.. but i do need to head out there.... Still debating on areas I know somewhere around Phoenix, I have a friend who lives in Scottsdale, which is where i'll vist but i've heard it's quite uppity.
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Mon, Dec 19, 2005, 12:41pm

<the state added 97,400 non-farm jobs since November 1004>

That's all we've been able to accomplish in the past 1,000+ years? :-)


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