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Sun Jun 16, 2024


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realestate prices

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Mon, Oct 31, 2005, 2:23pm

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with realestate pricing in the northwest part of Phoenix? Any homes available for $250-$300,000? If not, where are homes available in Phoenix area for this price range? What type of home does this buY?
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Mon, Oct 31, 2005, 6:49pm

I just did a search of the northwest valley from Bell road to Happy Valley. (I'm an agent) I did a search from the 250-300 price range. About 50 homes came up, with 1610 sq.ft average at about 174.00 per square foot. I didn't look at age of home or any other search criteria. Prices are a bit more affordable here compared to the east valley. Surprise and El Mirage are less expensive that the northwest. Hope that helps!


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