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Sun Jun 16, 2024


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Arizona Mysteries
Truck In The Wall In Jerome

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Sun, Sep 28, 2003, 10:00pm

This thread is to be the beginning of a new section on Arizona Paths
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; an attempt to reveal the secrets of some of Arizona's mysteries. The first:

On 89A at approximately mile-marker 346 within the city limits of Jerome, there is a truck parked in an opening in the wall. The wall is covered with bars. The truck appears to be an old Dodge, yellow.

I'm looking for anyone who knows anything to shed some light on this, such as the owner, the reason it's there, or any other story behind it.

To see a photo of the truck in its parking spot, go to Arizona

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Info > Photo Gallery > Jerome, then click on the image of the truck (forth row, first column).

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Sat, Oct 18, 2003, 7:50pm

Here's the story as told to me by the Editor of the Jerome Times, Terry Molloy:

<The truck in the wall is owned by Tracy Weisel who owns the Raku Gallery up in the main business district in town. He also owns the hole in the wall in which the truck sits. He parked the truck there because he liked the way it looked. After a time, people being what they are, he noticed that the truck was starting to be vandalized. Being handy with a welding torch, he created the metal gate which now encloses the truck.

He put the truck there in the mid-eighties when he bought the land. He left it there because he thought it looked good and fit the feeling of the town. It is not operable and is only there for display purposes.>


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