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Sun Jun 16, 2024

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Teal Arches

by Crystal Coons
Mar 6, 2003

There's only one place in the world where you can find a teal-arched McDonald's. Before I saw it with my own eyes, I would never have fathomed that such an arch existed. I mean, this is McDonald's after all. Famous for the golden arches. And now, teal? What does this all mean? Surely a place worthy of teal arches is something special.

And they're right. The teal arches reside in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Sedona. Sedona is a city of art, culture, history, escape, and mystics. Driving down each of the main roads, you're bound to cross several art galleries, palm-readers and fortune tellers, shops with souvenirs, and amazing quality restaurants. There's something about Sedona that makes you forget your daily grind. Regardless of which direction you're looking in, you're sure to find something that will take your breath away.

The mountains stand tall, colored with oranges and red that, when the sun hits them just right, look like they are alive with fire. The energy you feel as you look upon this is something special. Oak Creek Canyon's floor is covered with trees and the creek, seemingly never ending, rushes along its way, through all the brush, and over the rocks. The air in Sedona is filled with something magical for the hopeless romantic. Perhaps that has something to do with the city's namesake belonging to the wife of the founder.

The main strip is filled with restaurants, gift shops, and lots of tourists. One side of the strip is unique, being built right off the side of the Canyon. It's a shopper's heaven and a stargazer's dream. You could spend hours walking up and down the main strip, and not even notice the time pass you by. You don't even need to be a shopaholic to enjoy the shops, there's so much there to read, see, and talk about, that shopping is just an added bonus.

Some say Sedona is a vortex. Some say that Sedona's energy has healing powers. Others say that you can go to Sedona lost and empty and leave feeling whole and with a newfound sense of belonging, hope and new life. Sedona has always left me with a sense of rejuvenation, and a sense of home. There is something magical about Sedona, that's undeniable.

After all, they DO have the teal arches.

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