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Tue Jul 7, 2020

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Richardson's Cuisine of New Mexico (Phoenix)
May 2, 2005

Food Quality 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Service 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Menu Selection 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars
Atmosphere 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Price 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars

Out of 5 possible stars.

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by Nick Coons

Richardson's provides New Mexican-style cuisine, which differs somewhat from your standard Sonoran-Mexican food. Much of what this restaurant does is somewhat different from what you'd expect. Sodas come in tiny glass bottles (and cost too much, but they taste good), and then meals are served on very hot thick metal plates. The service is quick and very helpful.

We went there just this past week to try it out. There are two distinct areas of the restaurant. A dining area and a bar, each with their own separate entrances. We sat in the bar area, as you have a view of where the food is cooked over a wood-fired grill.

If you're used to Arizona's normal Sonoran Mexican food, then you'll notice some very unfamiliar dishes, though at this restaurant they are worth a try. For instance, red chili pork enchiladas, or twice-baked potatoes mixed with cheese and stuffed into a jalapeno pepper instead of it's original skin.

Richardson's Cuisine of New Mexico is located at 1582 E. Bethany Home Rd. in Phoenix.

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