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Fri Jul 3, 2020

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Lux Coffeebar (Phoenix)
Mar 28, 2005

Food Quality 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Service 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Menu Selection 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars 3.0 Stars
Atmosphere 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars 4.0 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

Out of 5 possible stars.

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by Nick Coons

I'm not really into the coffee house environment. My general view is that it's basically over-priced hot chocolate with a bit of steamed milk thrown in. Personally, I like hot tea. But even so, there are a few places that I like to go that have reasonable service and the atmosphere isn't too corporate (read "down with Starbucks!").

I was introduced to Lux Coffeebar just recently. Normally this isn't my type of atmosphere. I'm not big into the weird no-one's-ever-heard-of-it music bands, but this place caught my attention. Maybe because it's locally owned, had prices that were much more reasonable, and was basically the all-around anti-Starbucks.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been wifi internet access. When asked why they didn't provide it, they responded by saying that they were worried that people would come there and buy a drink just to sit there on their laptop and use the internet. Gee, ya think?

Overall I felt very comfortable there even though I was out of my normal element. I would have no problem going back there to sit and relax with a warm drink on a cool Arizona

The State of Arizona comprises the extreme south-western portion of the United States. It is bounded on the north by Utah, on the east by New Mexico, on the south by Mexico, and on the west by California and Nevada.

winter evening, providing they continue to serve hot tea.

Lux Coffeebar is located at 4404 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix.

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