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Mon Mar 4, 2024

Arizona Glossary

Pronunciation Help

The pronunciation key in most dictionaries can be hard to understand if one does not have an advanced degree in the English language. So we've created our own key, which we believe makes more sense and will be easier to understand.

Notice the pronunciation key enclosed in parentheses just after the term. For words that have more than one syllable, the emphasized syllable is written in all capital letters. Most portions of the syllable are written "phonetically", that is, they are written the way they sound.

In some cases, this doesn't work right. For instance, if the letter "a" is encountered, is that "a" as in "dad", or "a" as in "fate"? Our solution to this dilemma was to include an apostrophe just after the vowel if it is short, so "fate" would be written as "(fat)" and "dad" would be written as "(da'd)."

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