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Fri Aug 19, 2022


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Location within Phoenix

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Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 4:44am

Are there any advantages/disadvantages, between locating in the SE area, as opposed to locating in the NW area?? Is one area more "scenic", than the other. One of our wishes, is to purchase a home, with some kind of view (if that's possible). We're not concerned with the morning commute, because we'll be in retirement mode (always wanted to say that.

Al ..
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Sun, Mar 28, 2004, 9:40am

As far as retirement communities go, both the northwest valley and southeast valley are great. The northwest valley areas are Sun City and Sun City West, and the homes are a bit older than those in the southeast areas.

In both areas, you will have nice views, so it'll depend more on if you have a building in your way blocking the view than which area you're in.

I don't believe there are any real advantages or disadvantages to either, just that it's personal preference. The northwest area being older, Sun City is larger than anything in the southeast. But you will be traveling through a lot of lower income areas as you leave Sun City and enter Phoenix, where this is much less the case from the southeast portion of the valley (like Queen Creek or Sun Lakes).


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