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Christmas Tree on I-17

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Fri, Dec 12, 2003, 2:24am

Each year, an evergreen in the median of I-17 just north of Sunset Point is decorated up like a Christmas Tree. Yet there is no mention online of who began this, nor has anyone that I know of ever been able to shed light on this mystery.

Who decorates this tree? Who started the tradition? What is the story behind this mystery?
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Sat, Mar 19, 2005, 9:51pm

The mystery of the Christmas Tree on I-17 -

The tradition startedseveral years ago by a woman who just wanted to do something nice for everyone to enjoy during their travels. The motivation is exactly that simple! Over the years, there have been many articles written and questions asked concerning the motivation behind the project. Reporters have attempted to get coverage and photograph the "elves" who decorate the tree each year. There has been much speculation, "It's a group of retired military people", "It's someone doing it as a memorial", etc., etc. Honestly, it's just a nice gesture and the person behind it prefers to have no recognition whatsoever and really does NOT want to be in the spotlight at all. So PLEASE, everyone, just enjoy the tree and remember the season for what it really is!


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