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Sat Dec 4, 2021


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Is it hard to find reasonable pet friendly rental in Arizona

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Sun, Jul 23, 2006, 11:07pm

I hope to be moving to Arizona

The State of Arizona comprises the extreme south-western portion of the United States. It is bounded on the north by Utah, on the east by New Mexico, on the south by Mexico, and on the west by California and Nevada.

(possibly just me and four cats and a dog). I need an area without extreme winters and reasonably priced -- I know nothing about any particular area -- any help would be appreciated -- on any topic -- just talk to me -- smile -- Brenda
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Mon, Jul 24, 2006, 9:18am

Most pet-friendly rentals that I know of will be friendly to one pet, maybe two, but probably not five. That could be a challenge.

As for mild winters, that includes most of the state. The more severe winters are far north (Flagstaff and further north) as well as east, like in the White Mountains. But south, central, or west you'll have hotter summers and mild winters.


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