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Thu Dec 8, 2022


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Fla to Az
my dream

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Fri, Dec 30, 2005, 5:41pm

I have lived in fl since 1978 I want to move to Tucson. I am 50 years old my 71 year mother went to be with Jesus no reason to stay here anymore spent 23 years in ct 27 in fl want to spent the rest of my life in Az. Any info that can be supplied will be very wellcomed. I almost packed my car up last night and went for it. But thought twice since I have heart problems and would have to drive by myself. trying to get my step father to come with me. I have not been out of central fl since 81. I really do want to move out west and i heard tucson is a good place to do that. So come drop me a line about your home state and any help you can give me. I am on a fixed income but I do have some savings. God bless you
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Wed, Feb 1, 2006, 2:26am

I'm 62 'n live west of Tucson on the plateau (sonoran Desert) past the Saguero Nat'l Pk. (Picture Rocks) It's all trailers 'n dubblewides... 'n I have one of the nicer dubble's. No 'trailer park... everybody has at least an acre. Wanna be a cowboy... This be da place. 'Got cougar tracks 3' off my driveway last nite. Coyotes every nite. Dark as pitch at nite but I love it.


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