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Mon Sep 28, 2020


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Wed, Mar 23, 2005, 12:38pm

Hi everyone!
My husband got a job at ASU; so we'll be making a move to Phoenix area at the end of this summer. I am prepared to deal with the climate and the natural life in the desert, and I know it is going to be dramatically different. I have seen posts from a lot of people who have moved to the area (or are considering to move) because they either think housing is comparatively cheap, and/or climate is wonderful. We fully understand and agree, but we do love our hometown (and our ball club)!!! Are there other beantowners in Phoenix? Sox/Pats fans? Where do you go to watch games? Also write if you're planning a reverse move, I'll be delighted to tell you all about why we love New England, tips, advice, etc.
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Tue, Apr 12, 2005, 9:08am

You'll love the weather here! I used to live on the East coast and spent a few years in Boston. I moved here recently and haven't been to any ball games, although sports are huge here. Spring training seems like a big deal. You might want to go to the Pink Pony Steakhouse in Scottdale. It's filled with baseball memorabelia. Although housing prices are rising steadily, it still seems dirt cheap compared to Boston.


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