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Fri Jun 9, 2023

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Free Room In Sedona

by Nick Coons
Nov 10, 2004

We've been to Sedona many times before, and gone through all of the standard tourist activities, even drove around and looked at all the various rocks and structures. But we have some good new friends in town and they invited us for a weekend at their house -- Partly to work; partly for fun.

With years of computer experience and circuitry running through my veins, I was adequately equipped to offer any computer assistance they needed, and boy did they ever. Over the past few months, I had been helping them on and off with various computer tips and practices, and this weekend they were armed with their list of questions.

We started off with a quick lunch and quickly went back to their house to get situated. I broke out with my laptop and began configuring it for their network while they began firing questions at me. As always, I was happy to help, especially with them providing room and board as well as all meals and entertainment for the weekend. All I needed was the gas to get there and the technical expertise to help make their business more efficient.

Later that evening, it was time for their standard Saturday night gig of Karaoke at their house. We got to see some of the best Elvis impersonations ever created and had loads of fun. We finished off the night with a relaxing visit to the hot tub just outside our room.

The next morning started out with breakfast right around the corner, continued on with another lunch, followed by yet more dinner. In between all of this was some great site-seeing known for the most part only to the locals. This included views from newly constructed roads as well as multi-million dollar homes.

It was a great weekend, and we'll likely head back often as we continue to trade computer services for a free room with all sorts of great amenities.

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