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Sun Sep 25, 2022

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Congratulations President Bush

by Nick Coons
Nov 3, 2004

As with most Arizonans, I am happy with the election results for President. We have another four years to look forward to with a President that understands the war on terror and the process required to defeat it. But it's not just the Presidential election that we faced here. As is true every couple of years, we had other issues on the ballot as well.

For instance, Prop 400 passed, which will continue the 0.5% sales tax for Maricopa County that will be used to continue the light-rail system as well as the freeways. After doing substantial amounts of research, I'm still at a loss to the real reason why opponents of Prop 400 held that view.

In addition, Prop 200 passed, though with this one I can understand the opposition's point of view. This was the proposition that would require proof of citizenship for use of public services (like welfare) and voting. It was aimed at stopping illegal immigration by making it more difficult for undocumented people to acquire services that the rest of us pay for. People against this proposition don't like the idea of requiring identification at the polling places. However, my motivation for this proposition was not even aimed at illegal immigration, but rather at public services. With a Libertarian point of view, I disagree with the existence of public services like welfare. And while this proposition only makes a minor dent in welfare, it is a potential first step in removing the public service all together.

This election was one of the most important in a long time, and many of the candidates did an excellent job in promoting their positions. So congratulations to those who were elected and re-elected, especially Senator John McCain and President George W. Bush!

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