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Fri Jan 21, 2022

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It Happens Every Time

by Nick Coons
Mar 31, 2004

This happens to me every time. The rainy season starts, whether it's near the beginning of the year, or the monsoons. During this time, I do not wash my car; it's pointless. I am not going to wash my car right before it rains, at least not intentionally.

So I thought I had the system beat this time. We haven't had any rain in weeks, and the temperature has been astronomically high compared to normal, at least into the upper 90s. There's no way it's going to rain any time soon, or so I thought.

I finally decided to have at it this past Monday. I took my car in, scrubbed it down nicely, cleaned out the wheels, spent some time on the windows, and dried it to perfection. And as you all know by now, this only gave me two days to enjoy it, as it began raining today, and appears that it will continue throughout the weekend.

So why does it rain every time I wash my car? I've heard other people say that it rains whenever they wash their car as well, but I think perhaps they only remember that they washed their car right before it rains, so that's how it sticks in their minds. But I keep track of this stuff. It always rains within a few days of me washing my car.

Maybe I use too much water. Maybe it all evaporates into the air, forms massive cumulus clouds in the sky above the valley, and then pours all of my car-washing water back down. That's the only logical explanation I can come up with, and it sounds reasonable to me.

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