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Thu Dec 8, 2022

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Tex-Mex Has Nothing On Us

by Nick Coons
Apr 30, 2006

I spent this past week in San Antonio, TX on business. I've heard from various people that Texas has the best Mexican food anywhere. Mexican if one of my favorite styles of food. And being a native Arizonan, I've had more than my share of it. So I decided to put this claim to the test.

We asked the locals to recommend the best Mexican food in town, and were first directed to Panchito's. When we first arrived, it looked like a great place to hang out. We sat outside and watched people make fools of themselves, err, I mean, have fun performing karaoke. The food finally arrived, and I have to say that after the first bite, I was extremely disappointed, as it was merely mediocre. And the salt in the wound (because everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas) was that the portion was so small that I actually had to add a side enchilada to compliment my combo plate.

Not to give up so easily, we gave it another shot the next night, and ended up at another recommend spot, Chacho's. The food was better this time, but still not great. However, the portions were much larger. I have to say that this was the biggest burrito I've ever seen. When it first arrived, I almost regretted ordering that much food, because I knew I'd be lucky to finish half of it. But after making it part way through, I realized that it wasn't very filling and ended up making it all the way through.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the best Mexican food ever, I don't think you'll find anything better than right here at home.

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